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Transformational Breath® in the Chicago suburbs.

Private and group sessions in Oak Brook and surrounding areas.

Transformational Breath® in the Chicago suburbs

Private and group sessions in Oak Brook and surrounding areas

Reclaim the
simple yet
transformational power
of your own breath


The Transformational Breath® stimulates the natural healing powers of the mind/body system. It works on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

It relieves tension, detoxifies, and greatly increases energy. It can integrate repressed patterns, freeing one to experience new levels of love and joy. Often, limiting beliefs are dissolved. Greater peace is achieved and creativity is expanded. Practitioners of TB often report greater insight and clarity into their life's purpose.

We all have access to our breath, at every moment. Learn to harness this innate power and live a better and more joyful life!


Group events

experience the
simple power
of breath

Group events are a great way to experience Transformational Breath® for the first time. For those that are interested in trying this unique breathwork for themselves, groups are a great way to start.


How do I know if Transformational Breath® is for me?

Do you experience frequent anxiety or fear? Do you wish you had more energy? Do you struggle with negative thinking or limiting beliefs? Do you feel like you can't get a full breath? Do you suffer with physical or emotional pain?  All of these are areas that can be impacted by practicing Transformational Breath®.

Your breath is the most direct connection you have with life force energy. Cultural and family conditioning often leads to disruption of our natural healthy breathing patterns. As children we are often told to "stop crying" or "act like a big boy" so we push our feelings down and stop the natural flow by holding our breath or controlling it.

Shallow breathing has been linked to many physical and emotional disorders including anxiety, fatigue, digestive blockages, heart and lung problems, and anaerobic diseases.

The Transformational Breath® method is very natural, easy, and self-sustaining. No special skills or effort are required and once you learn the basic techniques it is a practice you can do on your own.

Private Sessions are available by appointment only and are held in Oak Brook. Working directly with Kim you will experience a full breath analysis and receive a personalized treatment plan.


Breathing is healing. Delving into the emotional, physical and spiritual parts of oneself. So amazing to go on that journey with an amazingly intuitive, compassionate, safe and wonderful woman such as Kim. You will never regret it and will see change in your life!
— Sherri P.

Breath Rising is your home for Transformation Breath® in the suburbs of Chicago. Kim Rager is the founder and owner of Breath Rising. Kim is a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator, trained and certified in the Transformational Breath® Self-Healing System. Her teacher was founder Dr. Judith Kravitz and she has completed all levels of training.