Private Sessions

Private Transformational Breath® sessions in Oak Brook.

Private Transformational Breath® sessions in Oak Brook

A Transformational Breath® session

A Transformational Breath® session

Private Sessions are available by appointment only. Sessions are held at Kim's home.

Contact Kim for more information. Check or cash accepted.

Initial Session (2 hours) = $150
Follow-up sessions are are available and highly recommended.

A note on rates: At the core of Breath Rising is the desire to share the work and so a sliding scale is available for those with limited income. Please ask about this if it feels right for you.

What is the value of learning and practicing Transformational Breath®? Why should I come to more than one session?

Unlike most self-help methods, even your very first session will bring immediate results.  As you do more sessions, your benefits will expand exponentially and within 5 - 10 facilitator coached sessions, you will be able to engage in self-guided sessions.

Transformational precisely describes this process and Kim is a fun and, caring facilitator!
— Elizabeth J.

What should I expect from a session?

The first session lasts approximately 2 hours. Everyone experiences different things and during our first session we will discuss expectations more fully. Common reported effects include increased breath flow, deeper breath, a deep sense of relaxation and calm, and emotional release.

How do I prepare for a TB session?

Wear loose and comfortable clothing. During the session you are in a comfortable position, lying down or slightly raised. It is preferable to only eat lightly or not at all before the session. It is always recommended for you to bring an open mind and begin to formulate a positive intention for the session.