Kind Words and Powerful Experiences

From others who have experienced Transformational Breath®

Dr. Scott

A wonderful experience each and every time! This is a testimonial, not only for transformational breathing, but more so for Kim who is the "facilitator" that I've been using for the past 5 months. The Transformational Breath Foundation labels a person who is trained to direct and assist a breathing session with another individual a "facilitator." Kim is so much more than a facilitator.

She is always ready on time and waiting with a smile. She is extremely warm, knowledgeable and patient. She takes the time to explain what will transpire and answers any questions prior to a session. Her best effort consistently shows, which results in an amazing experience. I should mention that this all takes place in a very comfortable setting.

I strongly encourage anyone considering transformational breathing to contact Kim. She is a life-changer!

Laurie P.

In my mind, I felt the breath of God breathing new life into me. And I mean physically warm breath. So physical that I had to check that it wasn't you! Thank you for letting me "receive" this from you!

Donna S.

I experience a deep profound transformation through Kim Rager's amazing healing breath work. I was able to truly feel a release of old pain and I found a space to move on. Kim's teaching goes beyond transformational breath work. Her perseverance is astonishing, she brought back balance to my life, showing me a great me.

By letting go of what doesn't serve me I feel complete as a whole.

Kim works miracles in her breathing sessions! Everything in my life changed after working with her. I have tried everything, yoga helps but this breath work really works.

I am sincerely appreciative for the gift Kim has given me by being in my life!

Rona R.

I came into the workshop with a great deal of tension, negative energy and other hindrances that prevented or "walled" me off from reaping the benefits of spiritual work and growth.  The breathwork was the missing link which helped me to release hold of all negativity that consumed me.  

Kim's careful and loving guidance helped clear out the debris which kept my life still for a period of time.  Kim is an amazing teacher and I highly recommend doing this more than once, or to practice breathwork regularly, with Kim as a coach. 

An improved and fresh perspective has greatly enhanced my quality of living, first spiritually... then outwardly.  Thanks for this experience!

Joan N.

I have a COPD diagnosis and use oxygen while sleeping to avoid hypoxia. Since practicing Transformational Breath with Kim, my latest lung CT scan shows increased aeration in my lungs. Both my pulmonologist and I are happy and surprised at this physical improvement.

I also feel spiritual well-being when practicing T.B. with Kim, and highly recommend both T.B. and Kim Rager.